• Custom-tailored research
  • Getting to in-depth insights
  • Efficient and economic research

Qualitative Research

We are keen to find out the very details about your target providing you with the information you need to tailor your products and services according to your customers´ needs – no matter if they are consumers, citizens, patients, professionals, or any other social subgroup.

Our research employs a qualitative approach to your target. By highlighting the question of „why“ we gather in-depth insights about their way of living and thinking, their attitudes and behaviour in the various fields of life, and in the usage of products and services.

Our ad-hoc research is customized to your requirements implying the following services:

  • Development of an efficient research design
  • Conducting qualitative research in Germany and EU5 using a broad variety of exploration techniques:
    • Qualitative Interviews
    • Focus Group Discussions
    • Ethnographic Observations
    • Co-Creation and Future Workshops
    • Net-Research, Online-Groups, Blogs, etc.
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Presentation of results and further consultancy.

Our main research approaches:

  • Customer Insights
  • Evaluation of products, services, programmes and communication
  • Usability Testing
  • Market Positioning and development of products, services and brands
  • Innovation resp. Future Research.