• Healthcare as a core matter – of life and our work
  • A widespread expertise
  • Focusing the end-customer resp. patient

Healthcare Expertise

We have been conducting research and consultancy on innumerable topics in various fields of industry as well as social research. However, healthcare has become a specialisation for more than 20 years.
Helping companies and public organizations to develop healthcare products and services we have been diving into very diverse topics and indications ranging from A (= Alzheimer, anti-coagulation, etc.) over M (motherhood, mother related public services, multiple myeloma, etc.) to Z (= Zukunftswerkstatt „Healthy Company“).

We will skilfully assist you

  • evaluating and optimizing health-related products, services, public programmes and communication
  • getting insights on health-related behaviour of end-customers/patients
  • reflecting treatment behaviour and attitudes of healthcare professionals
  • identifying need-gaps in healthcare products and services.

A core matter of our work is an end-customer resp. patient centric approach. Staying close to the subjective perspective of the end-customer is a chance not only to meet biomedical objectives in healthcare but to support a broader psycho-social interpretation of healthcare – and to ensure the best acceptance of healthcare products and services by the end-customer.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are experts for the visible and tangible body and objective standards of health. End-customers and patients are experts for their inner feeling – the sentient body and its wellbeing. Taking both perspectives, we can support communication between the „objective“ and the „subjective“ world and – thus – the end-customer´s compliance.