About us

I have dedicated myself to qualitative research and consultancy ever since graduating from university in 1996. At the beginning of my career, I stayed as a research fellow at the university, evaluating a socio-political programme. Afterwards, I worked in an agency, gathering expertise in healthcare research and FMCGs. In 2004, I have become a freelance professional. For more details about my career steps, please take a look at Linkedin, Xing, Research Gate.

A superior quality of qualitative research requires long-term expertise and respective personalities of the researchers conducting the surveys. Over the years of my career, we have built up a strong network of senior specialists (qualitative and quantitative researchers throughout Germany and Europe, field work agencies, healthcare experts, as well as consultancy specialists).

Thus, we can cover a broad range of research topics and can offer a big box of methods and tools while providing a reliable infrastructure for your project. I am very pleased sending you additional information about our network and our references.

My personal expertise in qualitative methodology and healthcare has lately been fed by a PhD thesis about “leibhafte Lebenskunst” at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main. An empirical intercultural survey led to a profound substantiation of our qualitative research business on the one hand and an understanding of our western interpretation of healthcare and the related social system on the other.

  • More than 20 years of expertise in Research and Consulting
  • Kernstücke – a reliable network of senior-professionals